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RFID Software

RFID Software

We have been developing and deploying RFID software applications since 2004, Our RFTrack.NET software platform is a stable, mature platform that is currently in version 5.0, and has been deployed by customers since 2006. In addition to our commercial off the shelf software products we also develop custom RFID applications for customers when necessary.

rfid software Products
RFTrack.NET - RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software
Custom RFID Software Development - For Custom RFID Solutions or ISVs

Need a custom RFID solution?
We can leverage our RFID framework to develop a solution that meets your unique needs and accelerates the development and deployment of your RFID application.
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For additional information or to request a demonstration, please fill out our Information Request Form, contact sales at 770-427-0102, or send us an email at sales [at]