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RFID Asset Tracking

RFTrack.NET - RFID Asset Tracking Software Overview

The RFTrack.NET software platform helps organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets by enabling them to automate fixed asset inventory audits, locate assets, and track the movement of assets in real-time. A variety of technologies including Active RFID, Passive RFID, barcodes, and other data collection technologies are supported, which can be implemented individually or together to meet customer-specific asset tracking needs. The platform supports both fixed and handheld RFID readers from.

RFTrack.NET is a web-based RFID asset tracking software platform that can be implemented as an On-Premise perpetual license installed on your server(s) or as an On-Demand subscription hosted on our servers (SaaS).  It is designed to easily integrate with and complement your existing Asset Management software, Fixed Asset Accounting software, and other back-end systems to physically keep track of your assets. It can also operate as a stand-alone system if no integration is required.

RFTrack.NET Software and Modules

The RFTrack.NET Server application offers several optional server modules and Mobile Editions that provide different types of RFID asset tracking capabilities. They can be deployed individually or together depending upon your organization's specific asset tracking needs.

RFTrack.NET Audit Module RFTrack.NET Server
Our base software platform is a centralized and scalable web-based server application that enables easy access across your enterprise. Unlike legacy thick client software, there is no software to deploy to every user's computer. This reduces ongoing adminstration and maintenance overhead costs. RFTrack.NET Server is implemented along with the Mobile Audit Module and/or Monitoring Module.
RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Edition Mobile Audit Module
Uses handheld RFID readers to automate the process of locating and auditing fixed assets. Reduces man-power and operating costs by enabling fixed asset audits that are up to 20 times faster than manual or barcode processes.
RFTrack.NET Monitoring Module Monitoring Module
Uses fixed RFID readers to provide real-time fixed asset tracking and personnel visibility. Seamlessly supports both passive and active RFID depending upon your oganizations needs. Includes out-of-the-box alerting and customization capabilities.
Check-Out Module
Automates the process of checking assets out/in to personnel. Available as a module for the web-based RFTrack.NET Server application and as a Mobile Edition for handhelds.

RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Module RFTrack.NET Monitoring Module

rfid asset tracking    rfid asset tracking

Supported Technologies

     Passive RFID (UHF Gen2)
     Active RFID
     DoD UID Tags (2D Data Matrix)


     Administrators can easily add custom asset fields
     Customize field names to match your terminology
     Develop custom reports (.NET reports, .rdlc)
     Customizable data import/export
     Customizable event triggers when tags are read
     Custom email alerts/notifications

Integration Capabilities

     Import/Export data
     Web services API
     Real-time event processing triggers based on tag reads
     Supports integration with back-end system such as:
     Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems
     Asset Management systems
     Fixed Asset Accounting systems
     Other back-end systems
     Security systems (sensors, alarms, cameras)

Types of assets

     IT Assets
     Lab equipment
     Telecom equipment
     Manufacturing equipment
     Capital assets
     Government Furnished Property
     Medical Equipment
     Books, documents, and files
     Almost any type of fixed asset

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