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RFID Asset Audit Software

Are your fixed asset inventory audits taking too long, or maybe you haven't done one in a while because you don't have the time or resources?    Our Mobile Audit Module will save you a significant amount of time and money...

RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Module

The RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Module uses handheld RFID readers to automate the process of auditing and locating fixed assets.

It is designed to significantly reduce the amount of time spent auditing and locating assets by streamlining the process, improving accuracy, and automating the reconciliation process. RFID provides a significant performance improvement compared to manual and barcode processes by eliminating human error and drastically reducing man-power. Unlike manual and barcode asset tracking processes that require you to physically locate and visually read or scan each individual asset tag one at a time, multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously.

Time and Man-power Savings

Physical inventories of fixed asset using RFID are up to 20 times faster than existing manual and barcode inventory audit processes. Some of our customers using the RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Module have reported even better metrics, with RFID-based inventories being as much as 60 times faster than manual inventory audit processes.

The RFTrack.NET Mobile Module running on a handheld RFID reader can process 20+ tags per second. With this kind of speed its easy to see how inventories that used to take weeks or months can be done in days.

RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Module Features
Automates fixed asset inventory audit
Locates missing assets (geiger counter/sonar)
Easily imports/exports data with other back-end systems
Supports location tags (Barcode or RFID) to streamline location selection
Web-based application: no software to install for each user, available remotely
Utilizes handheld RFID readers

RFID Benefits
     Reads multiple tags simultaneously
     Does not require line of sight (excluding metal/liquid)
     Read ranges: from several feet up to 25' or more (Gen2 Passive UHF on a mobile handheld reader) *
     Improves asset inventory audit accuracy
     More efficient than manual or barcode processes (75-95% more efficient in most cases)
     Real-time inventory audit reconciliation (Found, missing, misplaced assets)
     Efficiencies enable more frequent inventories resulting in better asset visibility

* Read ranges on fixed readers will be significantly more because the antennas will be larger than those available on mobile handheld RFID readers.

Types of Assets
     IT Assets
     Lab equipment
     Telecom equipment
     Manufacturing equipment
     Capital assets
     Government Furnished Property
     Medical Equipment
     Books, documents, and files
     Almost any other type of asset

For additional information or to request a demonstration, please fill out our Information Request Form, contact sales at 770-427-0102, or send us an email at sales [at]


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