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RFTrack.NET Asset Tracking Software Licensing

RFTrack.NET Licensing Options

RFTrack.NET provides different modules, editions, licenses, and deployment options to meet your needs. It is available through an On-Demand subscription service hosted on our servers or an On-Premise deployment installed on your servers as a traditional perpetual software license or as a subscription.

Licenses are based on the number of assets you will be tracking and the number of readers used to track those assets. There are no per user license limitations, so you can let as many users access the system as necessary.

Deployment Options
Deployment Type Description
On-Demand With the On-Demand subscription service (SaaS), inLogic hosts, maintains, supports, and upgrades your RFTrack.NET implementation for you. You simply purchase a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription and enjoy worry-free access at a lower cost of entry. There are no hardware or software infrastructure requirements other than purchasing handheld RFID reader(s). This unique SaaS (Software as a Service) model is designed to get you up and running quickly. No specialized IT staff is required to be involved in the deployment or ongoing maintenance of the system, and there is no initial software license costs. All you need is a good Internet connection and a web browser. Communication with the RFTrack.NET On-Demand server is secure. Your account will automatically be upgraded with new updates and versions.
On-Premise Our On-Premise model can be purchased as a traditional perpetual software license or as a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. It is deployed, installed, and maintained on your equipment at your location. This is a good choice if a high level of integration or customization is required, have the necessary IT expertise on staff, and are seeking the lowest total cost of ownership and operating costs in the long-term. The On-Premise model is available for both the Audit and Monitoring Modules. Annual Maintenance and Support agreements provide product updates and technical support.

Deployment Comparison/Benefits
On-Demand Subscription On-Premise Perpetual License



Low Initial Investment and Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Lower Ongoing Costs/Total Cost of Ownership
Minimal IT Hardware and Knowledge Requirements Easier Hardware and Software Integration and Customization
Remote Access Less Downtime Risk Due to Internet Outages
Short Time to Productivity and Quick ROI Higher Transactional Volumes
Simplified Management Data Accessibility and Ownership

Module Options
Module Description
Mobile Audit Edition Utilizes handheld RFID readers to automate fixed asset inventory audits
Monitoring Module Real-time asset tracking and monitoring using fixed RFID readers
Check-Out Module Automates the process of checking assets out/in to personnel. Available as a module for the web-based RFTrack.NET Server application and as a Mobile Edition for handhelds.

Licensing Options
License Type Description
Subscription Model Monthly, quarterly, annual subscription that includes software updates and support. No capital expenditure required for a software license. This licensing option is available for both On-Demand and On-Premise deployments.
Perpetual License Traditional perpetual software license that you own. Software upgrades and support are provided through an annual software maintenance and support agreement. This licensing option is only available for On-Premise deployments.

Edition Comparison - RFTrack.NET Server
Features Lite Standard Enterprise
Supported Assets On-Premise
(Asset add-on licenses available) On-Demand
Supported Users
On-Demand supports 5 concurrent users. Additional concurrent licenses available.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Operating System Support
Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008
Database Support
MS SQL Server (Express/Workgroup/Standard/Enterprise)
Add Custom Fields
Supports RFID Tags
Supports Barcode Tags
Supports DoD UID Tags  
Import Maps/Floorplans  
Customize Field Labels  
Security/User Authentication
Page Level Permissions  
Analytics - Inventory Audit Metrics  
Asset Import Service  
Audit Export Process  
Filter assets based on user login and Division    

Choose The Solution Right For You:
On-Demand On-Premise
Description Software as a service hosted on inLogic servers. Available as an annual/quarterly/monthly subscription Software installed on your server. Available as a perpetual license.
Module Options
Audit Module
Monitoring Module
License Options
Perpetual License

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