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RFID Asset Tracking Software

Are you losing track of assets as they move between buildings, rooms, labs, classrooms, etc.?  
Our solution automates the process of tracking asset moves to provide better utilization and visibility...

RFTrack.NET Monitoring Module

Real-time Tracking
The RFTrack.NET Monitoring Module uses fixed RFID readers to provide real-time asset tracking visibility. Fixed readers can be deployed at entries/exits, doorways, hallways, rooms, etc. to create read zones that enable the movement of assets and/or personnel to be tracked automatically without human interaction. The Monitoring Module can integrate with both Passive and Active fixed RFID readers depending upon customer needs.

Choke-Point Tracking
Assets can be configured to trigger alarm events at choke-points (entries/exits/doorways) to identify when those assets are leaving a building. These assets can optionally be associated with personnel that are authorized to move the assets past choke-points. This requires those assigned personnel to carry RFID badges. This option will only cause the RFTrack.NET alarm event to trigger if these assets are seen without an authorized personnel. For example, assets such as laptops can be monitored when leaving a facility and can trigger an alarm event if an authorized personnel is not accompanying the laptop.

Zone Monitoring Tracking
Assets can be assigned to one or more zones and monitored to ensure they do not move from those assigned zones. When assets are moved or disappear from their assigned zones, alarm events can be triggered. Depending upon the type of RFID tag being used, assets can also be monitored for tamper detection and motion detection for enhanced visibility.

Restricted Area Tracking
Personnel tags can be configured to trigger alarm events in specific zones that are designated as restricted areas. This is not only useful for preventing unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas, but can also be used to track the movement of visitors that are only allowed in certain areas of your facility.

Monitoring Features
     Real-time asset tracking
     Active and Passive fixed RFID readers
     Zone Monitoring
     Choke point (entrance/exit) monitoring
     Laptop and other mobile asset tracking
     Asset tag tamper detection
     Motion detection alarm
     Long range tracking
     Authorized personnel can bypass alarm events
     Alarm Events can be customized to
     Send emails
     Send pages
     Send text messages
     Integrate with security systems

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