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RFID Asset Tracking Starter Kits

RFTRFTrack.NET Audit Module Starter Kits are designed to get your RFID asset tracking system up and running quickly. They are ideal for both pilot implementations and full-scale deployments, and are also scalable to grow with your RFID asset tracking needs. Optional integration and customization services are also available when necessary to meet your specific needs.

RFTrack.NET Audit Module Starter Kit Components
     RFTrack.NET Server Software (On-Demand or On-Premise)
     1 RFTrack.NET Mobile Audit Edition license for handheld RFID reader
     First year of software maintenance and support (including product upgrades)
     1 Motorola MC9090-G or MC3190-Z handheld RFID reader
     Including all accessories and a spare battery
     1 year service agreement
     Sample RFID asset tags
     Professional Services:
     Software installation and training
     Tag Analysis (to evaluate and select optimal tags based on your needs)

RFTrack.NET Audit Module Starter Kit Options

Starter Kits are available in several different versions to meet your organizations needs. They are available in both the Lite and Standard Editions of the RFTrack.NET Audit Module (Compare RFTrack.NET Editions), as well as the option of an On-Premise license or On-Demand subscription.

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