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RFID Professional Services

We offer professional services to assist you in the areas of assessing needs and requirements, design, planning, consulting, integration, systems implementation, training, asset tagging, and physical asset inventories.

A successful RFID implementation requires careful evaluation and selection of appropriate RFID frequencies, tags, readers, antennas, and software. The sheer number of RFID technologies, solutions, and standards from various RFID vendors can make this a daunting task. Whether your company is just beginning to evaluate RFID, ready to begin a pilot, or preparing to integrate RFID with your enterprise applications, we can help you through the process of evaluating, integrating, and implementing an RFID solution that meets your needs.

     Pathfinder Assessment
     Site/Facility Assessment
     Tag Analysis Service
     System Requirements
     Business Process Analysis
     RFID Hardware Evalution
     Feasibility Analysis
     Implementation Roadmap
     Solution Architecture
     Implementation Services
     System Installation
     Asset Management Services
     RFID Asset Tagging Service
     Fixed Asset Physical Inventory Service
     Fixed Asset Auditing
     Asset Appraisals
     Asset Reconciliation Services

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