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Corporate RFID Asset Tracking

Corporate enterprises typically have a wide variety of fixed assets, capital equipment, and property that must be accounted for on a regular basis. RFID technology can be leveraged to track almost any time of asset. inLogic has experience helping corporate customers track everything from IT equipment, furniture, phone equipment, artwork, radios, food service equipment, and many other types of assets.

Utilizing RFID for asset tracking can also assist with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance by keeping better records, improving traceability, and enabling enhanced visibility of corporate assets. Claimed assets can be easily reconciled with actual assets in possession. As a result, enterprises can manage assets more efficiently, and accurately report asset inventories in a timely manner.

RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software 
RFTrack.NET RFID Asset Tracking Platform
RFTrack.NET - RFID Asset Tracking Software
Fixed asset tracking software designed to save your organization time and money.

Types of fixed assets that can be tracked with RFID
     IT Equipment
     Lab Equipment
     Research Equipment
     Almost any type of fixed asset

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