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Government RFID Asset Tracking

Government RFID asset tracking inLogic helps Federal, State, and Local government agencies, as well as government contractors adopt RFID technology to provide Total Asset Visibility (TAV) of Government furnished property (GFP).

We provide solutions that reduce man-power and solve asset visibility problems by enabling government agencies and government contractors to accurately and efficiently track government owned property using RFID. RFID has the ability to reduce annual physical inventory audits from weeks or months down to hours or days, freeing up your personnel to focus on their core job responsibilities.

In addition to providing RFID-enabled fixed asset tracking software, RFTrack.NET, also supports barcodes including DoD UID tags, allowing agencies and contractors to comply with DFAR mandates related to the tagging of Government Furnished Property (GFP).

inLogic has experience implementing RFID and UID fixed asset tracking solutions for Federal agencies, State agencies, Local agencies, and Government Contractors managing Government Furnished Property. These agencies and contractors are leveraging RFID and UID technologies to automate the process of tracking IT equipment, vehicles, furniture, test equipment, test munitions, capital equipment, and a wide variety of other assets.

RFID technology can provide state and local governments with improved capital asset accountability and visibility for GASB 34 reporting compliance.

We provide RFID tracking solutions for
     Federal Agencies
     State Agencies
     Local Government
     Law Enforcement

Types of fixed assets that can be tracked with RFID
     Computers/IT equipment
Office equipment
Furniture & fixtures
     Government furnished property Vehicles Fire equipment
     Law enforcement equipment Firearms/Weapons Election/voting equipment
     Research equipment Audio/Video Almost any type of fixed asset

RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software 
RFTrack.NET RFID Asset Tracking Platform
RFTrack.NET - RFID Asset Tracking Software
Fixed asset tracking software designed to save your organization time and money.

For additional information or to request a demonstration, please fill out our Information Request Form, contact sales at 770-427-0102, or send us an email at sales [at]

US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit awards contract to track capital assets.
Oklahoma Turnpike Authorigy selects RFTrack to track capital assets.
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles awards contract to implement RFTrack for IT Asset Tracking.
Midland County implements RFTrack for Capital Asset tracking.
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority selects RFTrack to track IT assets.
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority selects RFTrack to track all Capital Assets.