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Research/Test Lab RFID Asset Tracking

Defense RFID asset tracking inLogic provides RFID tracking solutions that allow research institutions, R&D facilities, and test labs to better keep track of their instruments and equipment. RFID can automate the process of auditing and inventorying equipment, as well as track the movement of equipment between labs. Several of our customers use our RFID solution to reduce the amount of time spent searching for equipment that is due for calibration or maintenance. Users now have visibility of which lab equipment last entered, and can then use a handheld RFID reader to pin-point the asset's location within the lab. This can reduce the amount of man-power spent looking for each piece of equipment from hours or days down to minutes.

We provide RFID tracking solutions for
     Research Labs
     Wireless Test Labs
     R&D Labs
     Test and Measurement Labs
     Clinical Labs
     Academic Labs
     Computer Labs

Types of lab assets that can be tracked with RFID
     Analytical Instruments
Lab Equipment
Measuring & Test Equipment (M&TE)
     Calibration Equipment Biotech Equipment Electronic Instruments
     Medical Equipment Research Equipment Wireless Test Equipment
     Data Acquisition Equipment Scientific Equipment Almost any type of fixed asset

RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software 
RFTrack.NET RFID Asset Tracking Platform
RFTrack.NET - RFID Asset Tracking Software
Fixed asset tracking software designed to save your organization time and money.

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