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RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

inLogic provides RFID asset tracking software solutions that solve many common fixed asset tracking problems for a wide variety of applications and industries. Although the RFTrack.NET software platform is flexible enough to track almost any type of fixed asset in any industry, we focus on the following solutions.

Solutions and Industries

     Government - Federal, State, and Local Governments
     Defense - DoD agencies and Defense Contractors
     Education - K-12, Colleges, and Universities
     Research/Test Labs - Wireless test and calibration equipment in labs
     Corporate - Corporate fixed assets and capital equipment
     IT Assets - Computers, laptops, monitors, printers, hard drives, etc.
     Data Centers - Rack-mount data center equipment

RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software 
RFTrack.NET RFID Asset Tracking Platform
RFTrack.NET - RFID Asset Tracking Software
Fixed asset tracking software designed to save your organization time and money.