Can RFID Readers Read Multiple Tags?

Absolutely, yes! One of the best features of switching to RFID Fixed Asset tracking is that you can read dozens of tags per second. Compared to barcode handheld readers, RFID handheld readers can eliminate the need to scan each individual asset for your inventory.

Many companies are using manual and barcode processes to complete their annual fixed asset inventory. This process is slow and requires the individual to find each asset in a room and get within a foot of that asset to either scan with a barcode handheld or match the numbers on a spreadsheet. Sometimes that will require crawling up under desks and moving assets out of the way to find the specific item you are looking for. Finding each individual asset is time-consuming, and employees are taken away from other important duties to finish their inventory each year.

Switching to RFID handhelds and tags can help save time and energy, freeing up your employees to be able to complete their other job requirements. With an RFID handheld you can walk into a location/room and hold the trigger on your handheld. Our software, RFTrack, then reads all the tags in the location and reconciles it for you, without having to climb or craw to find each individual asset.

Not only can RFID handhelds find dozens of assets in seconds, but you are also gaining visibility of assets that have moved without notice. Many times departments will move assets and not fill out the proper forms that the asset has been moved. If you are using a barcode or manual process, you are only looking for the assets that you have listed in that location. With RFID you can find assets that were once missing, leading to less waste. Many times organizations “lose” assets and have to replace them entirely. With RFID, you are finding those missing assets as you perform your inventory, even if it has been moved without notice and hidden away under a table or inside a cabinet. That is the power of RFID!

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