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What is an RFID solution?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and it is the process of identifying items (assets) by utilizing radio waves. The radio waves originate from a handheld or a fixed reader, which sends out the radio waves and finds nearby RFID tag antennas. The readers can pick up those tags, and using this data, and asset tracking […]


Can RFID Readers Read Multiple Tags?

Absolutely, yes! One of the best features of switching to RFID Fixed Asset tracking is that you can read dozens of tags per second. Compared to barcode handheld readers, RFID handheld readers can eliminate the need to scan each individual asset for your inventory. Many companies are using manual and barcode processes to complete their […]


Fixed Asset Inventory Using RFID

There are many advantages of using RFID for inventorying assets vs using manual and barcode processes.  The main advantages we have identified are…  RFID Reads Multiple Tags At Once Manual inventory processes require individually matching an Asset’s tag number or serial number to a number in a spreadsheet or report.  This is very time consuming and often leads […]