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Can RFID Be Used for Tracking Fixed Assets?

The short answer is “absolutely” and at inLogic, our software RFTrack is built for exactly this type of scenario. Fixed asset tracking is all about keeping track of your organization’s physical assets throughout your location. Companies track a variety of different types of fixed assets, some examples being computers, servers, IT equipment, furniture, vehicles, machinery, […]


How Accurate Is RFID Asset Tracking?

One of the main benefits of switching to an RFID-based asset tracking system is the increase in accuracy and efficiency. Many of our customers have been using manual or barcode processes for years. They find themselves spending hours pouring over spreadsheets and matching up line items every year. The switch to RFID asset tracking saves […]


Pros & Cons of Implementing Passive RFID Systems

Before taking the leap into implementing a passive RFID asset tracking system, it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of the decision. An asset tracking system may not be the right choice for every business, so do your due diligence to ensure you have a good fit. In this blog we are going to […]


Avoiding Common RFID Initial Tagging Pitfalls

One of the most crucial steps in your RFID tag implementation is assigning asset tags.  Depending on how many assets you are attempting to tag at once, this process can be time consuming.  Proper planning before you begin tagging will save you a lot of time and effort, and you will avoid some of the most common mistakes.  We […]


Tagging Firearms

Tagging firearms poses many challenges such as where to mount the tag and what type of tag to use.  Find out first how much abuse the tag will be subjected to. For instance, will it be used frequently, going in and out of holsters, or mostly stored?  The initial problem you will encounter is whether to select […]


Laptop Tracking

Laptop free photo from Canva

Tracking IT assets such as laptops poses interesting problems, especially when you have security requirements. Some specific challenges seen with laptop tracking includes:  Metal  Ensuring good read rates  Tag placement  Laptops generally have a significant amount of metal on them, so using passive RFID tags can be a challenge.  Sometimes laptops have a plastic outer layer, however the metal inside the […]