How to use RFID to manage a fixed asset inventory

A powerful technology tool to manage your fixed asset inventories is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). With RFID you can track an asset’s location, find missing assets, and ensure your assets are all accounted for in your yearly inventory. One big advantage to RFID technology is that you can reduce the manual effort of your employees each year because you are making the management of your inventory process more efficient and less time-consuming. Especially when we compare the manual and barcode processes that so many companies depend on for their inventory.

We utilize RFID tags by attaching them to each asset, and these tags have an antenna inside the tag which can be scanned wirelessly and from a long distance range. These tags make it easier to track your asset’s locations, as well as see where they have moved. With fixed asset readers you can also see that movement in real-time as it moves throughout your organization. Using RFID technology gives businesses a way to better manage inventories each year, and ensure their assets are all accounted for.

If you think that RFID could be a good fit for your company, reach out to our staff at We would be happy to show you a demo of how RFID can change your inventory process. For now, check out this amazing case study on our website which highlights one of our customer’s amazing results switching to RFID. In this case study you will see that they found up to a 95% reduction in inventory time!