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Laptop Tracking

Laptop free photo from Canva

Tracking IT assets such as laptops poses interesting problems, especially when you have security requirements. Some specific challenges seen with laptop tracking includes:  Metal  Ensuring good read rates  Tag placement  Laptops generally have a significant amount of metal on them, so using passive RFID tags can be a challenge.  Sometimes laptops have a plastic outer layer, however the metal inside the […]


IOT RFID Tracking

Our software allows you to automate data collection, which leads to less human error and less time spent on barcode solution tracking.  RFID handheld devices scan and read dozens of tags at a time, so you will have immediate visibility of what is missing and what is accounted for.   Using RFID tags allows you to read racks of equipment […]


RFID Data Center Tracking

Using RFID tags in a data center allows the technology to really show off its capabilities.  In a data center, you often have densely racked servers and network equipment.  With the wave of a handheld RFID reader, you can read racks of equipment in seconds without the need of manually reading serial numbers or scanning barcode tags one […]