RFID Data Center Tracking

Using RFID tags in a data center allows the technology to really show off its capabilities.  In a data center, you often have densely racked servers and network equipment.  With the wave of a handheld RFID reader, you can read racks of equipment in seconds without the need of manually reading serial numbers or scanning barcode tags one by one.  The dense population of assets in data centers are often very critical and valuable, so tracking and accounting for these assets is important. 

Misplaced equipment can cause a headache, especially when a server gets moved to a new rack without updating the system.  With a manual or barcode inventory system it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  With RFID technology you can find the missing assets with your handheld using a feature that helps you easily locate assets based on their proximity and signal strength. This reduces man-hours from hours and days to minutes and seconds, with the added bonus of getting your employees back to their normal job responsibilities.

By tagging servers with RFID passive tags, you can reconcile an entire rack of servers in seconds using a handheld RFID reader.  RFID readers can read dozens of tags at a time, so you will have immediate visibility of what is missing and what is accounted for.

Staff in a data center are often not hired to maintain the IT asset inventory, however they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for them and their data.  With RFID technology staff can accurately identify the location of an asset, allowing them to perform maintenance and upgrades or replace equipment that is no longer being used.

inLogic can also implement solutions that provide real-time visibility of equipment in each server cabinet. As equipment is moved from one cabinet to another, it’s new location can be automatically updated in the system.