IOT RFID Tracking

Our software allows you to automate data collection, which leads to less human error and less time spent on barcode solution tracking.  RFID handheld devices scan and read dozens of tags at a time, so you will have immediate visibility of what is missing and what is accounted for.  

Using RFID tags allows you to read racks of equipment in seconds, without manually reading serial numbers or scanning individual barcode tags.  Assets are often very critical and valuable, so tracking and accounting for them is an important endeavor.

IOT Fixed RFID Readers 

Fixed RFID readers give you an even more automated solution by scanning nearby assets on regular time intervals, which then tracks the history of the asset in the software.  Setting up notifications for when an item is missing, or when it is seen going out a doorway, can offer an extra layer of security and accountability. 

Our RFTrack software platform helps Education, Government, Defense, Aerospace, Research, Manufacturing, and other organizations save time, reduce operating costs, and improve fixed asset visibility. Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software platform significantly reduces the man-power required to physically track assets by automating fixed asset inventory audits, locating missing assets, improving asset utilization, and tracking the movement of assets to improve visibility.