How IT assets benefit from RFID fixed asset tracking

Managing IT assets is one of the most difficult jobs for organizations trying to perform an inventory. IT assets grow each year and with the addition of new servers, new laptops, and computers, your inventory count continues to go up but your available time to do an inventory does not. Utilizing a traditional inventory of manual processes like barcode tags or Excel spreadsheets can leave you with little time and unable to locate IT assets that move or are considered ‘missing’. This is why IT assets are one of the best ways to utilize RFID technology for a fixed asset inventory. It can help provide real-time tracking of your assets and greatly reduce the time and hassle it takes to complete it each year.

RFID fixed asset management utilizes small RFID tags that are placed on your assets. With the help of an RFID reader, you can walk around and pick up the IT assets you are looking for while doing an inventory. These tags do not require you to have a line-of-sight to scan the assets in the way that barcode tags require.

Here are some of the top reasons to switch from manual processes to RFID for your IT assets:

  • More efficient process. With RFID you do not require a line-of-sight for assets, but you also can scan dozens of assets at a time. With a traditional inventory method, you are having to see each asset and scan the barcode tag for each of those assets. With RFID it will pick up dozens of tags a second, making this a much more time-efficient process.
  • Less human error. Mistyping asset numbers, inaccurate data, and missing assets that are hidden are all ways that human error can be involved in an inventory. With RFID it does not matter if your assets are hidden away in boxes or desk drawers, the RFID will find the asset in the room and scan it, pulling it up in your software and marking it as found during your inventory.
  • Real-time asset tracking. Of course, the most compelling feature of RFID fixed asset tracking is the ability to pull reports and see your asset data together. With a great asset tracking software like ours, RFTrack, you will get that all in one. We provide detailed reporting of your assets which can be run immediately after you finish your inventory.

If you are interested in moving forward with RFID technology in your organization, reach out to our sales team at and we can set up a demo call to review how our software RFTrack can be a great fit for your inventory process!

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