RFID Case Study Highlight: City of Albany

Local government entities have the responsibility of tracking the fixed assets in their departments which can be a challenging task. One of our customers, The City of Albany, faced this challenge until they found our RFTrack software and decided to implement our RFID solution. Since implementing RFTrack, they have been able to streamline their fixed asset inventory and even find a 60% reduction in total inventory time. You can read the entire case study on our website here.

City of Albany was previously a manual process including barcode scanners to track their fixed assets. That method was extremely time consuming to their employees and the tracked assets did not have great visibility. They created a system in which they used an Excel spreadsheet to track the inventory dates. It would take around three months to get through all their assets and this is the main reason they decided to switch to RFID.

After finding and evaluating multiple vendors of RFID software, The City of Albany chose RFTrack. They explained that our extensive list of features and cost were the main factors leading to that decision.

City of Albany can now run reports through RFTrack on when inventory is due, allowing them to stop doing a manual year long inventory. This helped decrease work for employees and free them up to do other jobs.

“We can easily provide reporting to each department of all of their computer assets to include age and recommended replacements so it can be addressed through the budgeting process instead of as an afterthought once the equipment stops functioning,” The City of Albany says.

City of Albany says they have seen a 60% reduction in inventory time which is a huge time savings. The efficiency and increased accuracy has helped to overall improve their inventory process.

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