What is an RFID solution?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and it is the process of identifying items (assets) by utilizing radio waves. The radio waves originate from a handheld or a fixed reader, which sends out the radio waves and finds nearby RFID tag antennas. The readers can pick up those tags, and using this data, and asset tracking software, you can track your inventory.

An RFID solution has 3 main parts.

  1. Software. An RFID fixed asset tracking software like RFTrack keeps track of, and reports on, where your assets are located within your organization and when they are missing. It also is the piece that provides reporting capabilities.
  2. Tags. Tags are affixed to your assets and contain a sequence number that is unique to each individual asset.
  3. Readers. Whether you utilize handheld readers or fixed readers, these tools are the equipment that sends out the radio waves and picks up the tag numbers on your assets.

At inLogic we have built an RFID asset tracking software called RFTrack that utilizes the technology of both the RFID tags and readers. Utilizing these three parts allows for more visibility of fixed assets and a more accurate inventory process.

With these three important pieces, you can implement an RFID solution that helps improve your fixed asset inventory process. We recommend picking software that comes with the expert advice of an experienced company. At inLogic we will walk you through the process of picking appropriate tags for your assets and handhelds that work in your environment.

Our staff will work with you to test your equipment in your environment to ensure we have the right hardware before implementing it. Let us help your company improve its inventory process by reaching out to us at sales@inlogic.com. You can also view more information on our software page.