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RFID Case Study Highlight: City of Albany

Local government entities have the responsibility of tracking the fixed assets in their departments which can be a challenging task. One of our customers, The City of Albany, faced this challenge until they found our RFTrack software and decided to implement our RFID solution. Since implementing RFTrack, they have been able to streamline their fixed […]


How to use RFID to manage a fixed asset inventory

A powerful technology tool to manage your fixed asset inventories is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). With RFID you can track an asset’s location, find missing assets, and ensure your assets are all accounted for in your yearly inventory. One big advantage to RFID technology is that you can reduce the manual effort of your employees […]


What is an RFID solution?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and it is the process of identifying items (assets) by utilizing radio waves. The radio waves originate from a handheld or a fixed reader, which sends out the radio waves and finds nearby RFID tag antennas. The readers can pick up those tags, and using this data, and asset tracking […]