How Accurate Is RFID Asset Tracking?

One of the main benefits of switching to an RFID-based asset tracking system is the increase in accuracy and efficiency. Many of our customers have been using manual or barcode processes for years. They find themselves spending hours pouring over spreadsheets and matching up line items every year.

The switch to RFID asset tracking saves them hours, days, or even week’s worth of work looking for missing assets. Remember that sometimes assets get moved. And the people who move the assets may not always fill out a change form and notify the purchasing department that the asset has moved. When using a manual or barcode asset inventory process, that leads to a significant amount of searching and wasted time.

With RFID passive tracking, you are picking up assets that were once missing. This creates more asset visibility where there wasn’t any before! No need to replace those missing assets, because you can go out and find them in your buildings with RFID handhelds.

Another RFID solution for those wanting real-time movement tracking of assets is active RFID. Active RFID readers can be set up in doorways and exits to find the movement of assets. You will see in real-time where your assets are located and where they are moving to. Image that kind of accuracy!

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