Can RFID Be Used for Tracking Fixed Assets?

The short answer is “absolutely” and at inLogic, our software RFTrack is built for exactly this type of scenario.

Fixed asset tracking is all about keeping track of your organization’s physical assets throughout your location. Companies track a variety of different types of fixed assets, some examples being computers, servers, IT equipment, furniture, vehicles, machinery, and any item of value.

When an organization implements a fixed asset tracking system like RFTrack, they are creating visibility of their assets. When assets have greater visibility, you are minimizing missing inventory.

RFID is one of the most effective ways to track your fixed assets and works in partnership with our asset tracking software RFTrack. Using passive RFID tags and affixing them to your assets, you can keep track of their location during your inventories more efficiently. RFID tags have a large read range, meaning it eliminates the need to physically touch the asset to complete an inventory. You can simply walk around a room and your handheld picks up which assets are in your location. RFID also has the capability of scanning multiple asset tags at once. Many companies have been utilizing manual barcode systems to keep track of their assets, which previously meant scanning the barcode on every asset one by one. With passive RFID tags, you are picking up dozens of assets at once, which results in a shorter inventory and saves employees valuable time.

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