How Do You Keep Track of Fixed Assets?

“How do you keep track of fixed assets?” At inLogic, we get this question frequently. Our customers are looking to track their fixed assets, and want to find the most efficient and accurate way to do so. They start to research RFID technology, and they end up finding our software.

We start by asking this question: How are you currently tracking your assets?

Answers range from manual processes, spreadsheets, barcode scanners, or not at all. These methods may have worked in the past, but you get to a point where you realize that the time it takes investing in manual processes is becoming overwhelming. Often it is taking too much of the employee’s time to complete, which leaves them unavailable to complete their other job requirements. That is where inLogic steps in to help make the process easier.

Using our software, RFTrack, you can track your fixed assets using RFID asset tags and RFID handheld scanners. Instead of scanning assets one by one, like you would do with a barcode scanner, RFID scanners allow you to take inventory of an entire room in seconds. This is because RFID asset tags contain antennas that the handheld scanner can pick up from many feet away. The range depends on which tag you choose, but our customers see anywhere from a few feet to up to 30-50 feet away. If you are tagging very large assets you could potentially scan even farther than 50 feet with the right tag. Usually the larger the RFID tag, the farther the read range.

Using RFTrack along with RFID tags and handhelds, you can not only reduce the man-hours required to complete inventories, but you can bring more visibility to your assets.

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