Top 5 Reasons To Use RFID Asset Tracking

Is your business considering switching to RFID asset tracking to satisfy your inventory requirements? Many companies have already made the switch, and maybe it’s time yours did too! Here are some of the top reasons you will be happy making the switch to RFID.

  1. Asset visibility will increase throughout your business. Keeping track of assets on your property can be difficult. Sometimes assets go missing or get moved without the proper forms or notifications. That means when it’s time for your yearly inventory, those assets are nowhere to be found. With RFID you are finding all the assets in a room, even ones that are not assigned to that location. That means assets will have more visibility where it wasn’t before.
  2. Increase accuracy of your inventories. When you use our RFID software RFTrack, you are using a highly intelligent software platform that helps track your assets. When compared to a manual inventory, your accuracy will increase significantly.
  3. Reduce manpower required to do inventories. With RFID, your efficiency will increase, and your employees will have time for other responsibilities. You could see some significant time savings across departments, freeing people up to work on more pressing matters. If you would like to see a case study by one of our customers, click here.
  4. View real-time asset visibility in server cabinets, IT storage rooms, etc. Using fixed asset tracking systems, you can gain real-time visibility of your assets. Customers can use this to see the movement of assets through doorways and keep tabs on where all their assets are at any given time.
  5. Improve regulatory compliance. Improved fixed asset inventory data will ease regulatory reporting and compliance. If your company is required to provide inventories for regulatory compliance, RFID can make your tracking more accurate and efficient.