Using RFID In Research Lab Settings

Did you know that our RFTrack asset management software is the perfect solution for research labs and Universities looking to streamline their processes? Not only can it help to better search for equipment that is due for calibration and maintenance, but also is a perfect solution for performing yearly inventories. You can use the handhelds to pinpoint an asset’s location within the lab, which will help reduce the amount of manpower spent searching for equipment. 

Our system is ideal for: 

  • Research Institutes 
  • Research & Development Labs 
  • Research Facilities 
  • Medical Research 
  • Government Research and Development Centers 

InLogic recently pulled in our customer University of Wisconsin Department of Biochemistry, to help quantify their success with RFTrack. Learn more by reading our case study here: 

Learn more about how RFTrack can help Research Labs here: 

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