Why Fixed Asset Managers Have Started Using RFID To Track Assets

Attaining asset visibility has long been a problem that Fixed Asset Managers have to overcome every year. Doing a physical inventory can be not only extremely labor intensive, but it can sometimes lead to inaccurate results. That is why many Fixed Asset Managers have begun switching to RFID asset tracking technology to replace their current manual or barcode processes. 

RFID technology helps: 

Reduce Manpower– Because RFID fixed asset inventories are up to 15 times faster than manual or barcode inventories, you can reduce manpower and time spent each year. 

Increase Accuracy– An RFID software technology, like our product RFTrack, allows you to find and locate assets that would otherwise be overlooked. While you are out performing inventories, you are picking up all the assets that have been moved to different locations and RFTrack is now providing visibility of those assets. 

Improve Regulatory Compliance– Our software provides you with a suite of reporting tools, which improves your data and eases regulatory compliance. 

Automating your processes is a big step for a Fixed Asset Manager who would otherwise be stuck performing manual inventories each year. You can begin to free up your schedule to work on more pressing issues, while at the same time providing better visibility than ever before. 

Learn More about how RFTrack can help Fixed Asset Managers here: https://www.inlogic.com/fixed-asset-inventory 

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