Has RFID Technology Improved Recently?

If it has been 10-15 years since you have looked into RFID systems, there have been some significant advancements. About 3 years ago there were updates to the handheld manufacturers and they went from an outdated Windows Mobile handheld that has a slower, older, and harder to use to the newer Android operating system versions. Our customers have seen some significant improvements in performance with this change in operating systems. The processor and memory of the new Android handheld were improved from the older versions, so when you compare them to the Windows Mobile handhelds, you can see a significant difference.

In addition to handhelds, last year we saw some big advancements in chips that are getting embedded into RFID tags. There are 3-4 major chip manufacturers and one of them came out with a new chip with increased sensitivity. This means we are able to read those tags from a greater distance and in a variety of orientations. It’s easier to read on metal, glass, and wood. In the past, the tags had to be specific metal-mounted tags or non-metal-mounted tags. So it makes it a lot easier not to have to worry about what type of tag to put on assets and instead just use these new chip tags.