Can RFID be used for inventory management?

One of the most common applications of RFID is tracking and managing an organization’s assets for an inventory. Software like RFTrack utilizes RFID asset tags and readers to find and bring visibility to assets. With RFID systems you can increase inventory accuracy, reduce manpower, and improve regulatory compliance.

RFID Increases Inventory Accuracy

When doing a manual or barcode inventory, you are looking for assets on a spreadsheet that you can visibly see. With RFID, the radio waves are able to see through boxes and cabinets, meaning you will find assets that you may have once thought were missing but ultimately had been moved and not notated. Since you are able to pick up multiple tags at once, you can immediately see which assets belong to a room and which ones are unexpected. Overall this will increase your accuracy and help you find missing assets.

RFID Reduces Manpower

The process of using an RFID asset management system like RFTrack will help reduce the number of hours needed to perform a full inventory. That means your inventory will take less time, and free up your employees to be able to perform other job functions with that time. Just look at this case study from one of our customers showing how much time they were able to save switching to RFID. Click here to view.

RFID Improves Regulatory Compliance

With software like RFTrack, you can easily provide proof of inventories for regulatory compliance. Out-of-the-box, RFTrack comes with multiple reporting tools that will get exactly the data you need to submit without creating those documents yourself. Provide proof of your inventory when you need it.

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